Tex Tan proudly introduces one of the most innovative designs in the history of saddle building, the Tex-Flex flexible saddle. This design is the first to allow a truly flexible saddle build with a traditional look and feel.

The challenge creating a flexible saddle tree was twofold. The first was a flexible tree bar that would conform to the horse's back. Experimenting with several different materials, this was achieved by bonding high-density polyethylene plastic and leather together to give flexibility while retaining structural integrity.

The next challenge was the saddle seat. We had a saddle that would be and flex, but what would bring it back to its original position? A typical saddle seat is created by taking a preformed seat, or strainer, usually made of metal or fiberglass, and installing it onto the saddle tree. The material for this seat had to be flexible, have shape holding characteristics for the seat’s foundation, and memory to bring the saddle back to its original position. The answer came in the form of heat tempered spring steel.

Building a saddle with a flexible bar that can adjust to the confirmation of the animal significantly widens the range of animals that will fit any particular tree design. Perhaps an even greater benefit to a flexible tree is the fact that the tree will move with the horse instead of against it. When a horse turns or bends his body the tree will “get out of the way” of the animal’s shoulders and hips. Whether riding for pleasure or in competitive events, the Tex-Flex tree will adapt to a wide range of motions.

Close contact, lightweight and relief from pressure to the horse’s back are primary benefits to the flex tree achieved by using materials that result in a thinner, lighter tree bar. We incorporated ˝” neoprene rubber in the bottom layer of the skirt rather than an additional layer of leather which enhance the comfort to the horse while providing close contact and less weight to the saddle. The combination of these materials has the effect of putting the rider three times closer to the horse while providing even distribution of weight to the horse’s back.

Although not intended for roping events, the Tex-Flex saddle can be used for virtually any activity or competition. Tex-Flex saddle is designed for pleasure riding, barrel racing, reining, or team penning. You will have a saddle that is easier to handle, comfortable for both the horse and the rider and a close contact feel that establishes a level of communication between horse and rider that is unparalleled.

Tex-Flex saddle fits like a glove and rides like a dream

Equestrian Retailer, August/September 1999

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